Waikiki, Hawaii    

Closed Until Further Notice

Enter a Healing Oasis

Enter An Oasis of Healing

Revitalize your Health.


 Sink into the deep abyss of relaxation.

Be transformed.




Dance out of your session alive and ready to embrace life's challenges.

What We Do

Ola Mana Massage offers compassionate touch geared towards a client's specific needs. from very firm pressure to light touch, full body massage to specific muscles that need extra attention. we communicate with you to ensure your needs are met.

A Serene Environment

Luxuriate in a serene environment. sink onto a plush table. our office is small but tranquil. our table is plush and comfortable, and we have a table warmer and warm towels to make your experience extra special.


Affordable Prices so you can pamper yourself over and over again. We also guarantee a full hour of massage.  We do not start the clock until your therapist actually starts massaging you. This ensures you get a full hour, hour and a half or two hour massage.

Our Mission

Our mission is healing. relax. Breathe deeply. quiet the mind. Unwind, rejuvenate body, mind and soul. Allow the spirit to thrive.  

* Price does not include tip or Hawaii state tax. All major credit cards accepted with additional 3% card fee charge.