Waikiki, Hawaii    

Reception Area

We are located in a shared office space in eaton square, Waikiki. we share the space with a chiropractor and family therapist. When you arrive, please sit down and wait for your therapist. feel free to help yourself to water. Wi-Fi is also available.

Ola Mana Massage Room

only one room is dedicated to massage therapy, so only one massage therapist works at a time. For this reason we are unable to do couples massages or concurrent massages. You can add aromatherapy to any massage for $10 extra. Table warmer and blanket available if you get cold.

Rest, Relax, Revitalize

When you arrive in the room, your therapist will consult with you to see what you're looking for in your massage (i.e., firm or light pressure, any troubled areas, areas to avoid, etc). Therapist will then leave the room while you undress and get under the sheet.