Waikiki, Hawaii    

Rates and Services

60 Minutes - $49   90 Minutes - $75   120 Minutes - $98  

Every massage is a full 60, 90, or 120 minutes.


$10 add on to any massage

nature heals. sooth your senses and increase the healing power of massage by adding an essential plant oil to your treatment. four choices: relaxation, energizing, focus/clarity and muscle tension.

Therapist's Choice

$49 Per Hour

Our most popular massage. therapist uses a combination of modalities best suited to client's needs. Combines Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage and lomi lomi to create the most effective treatment.

Deep Tissue

$49 Per hour

deep tissue massage targets underlying muscle tissue. using firm pressure, the therapist expertly penetrates problem areas in the body. this is an effective treatment for chronic muscle tension and ongoing muscles issues.


$49 Per Hour

swedish massage incorporates long flowing strokes to improve circulation, remove toxins, and promote relaxation throughout the whole body.

Sports Massage

$49 Per Hour

improve range of motion, flexibility and pre and post work-out sessions with massage geared to your specific needs. massage is proven to improve recovery time after an event or work-out. specific muscle issues can also be targeted. let your therapist know what your goals are, and we will tailor the massage to meet those.

Lomi Lomi Massage

$49 Per Hour

the Hawaiian culture has a long tradition of healing practices. lomi lomi is an intuitive, spiritual massage where the therapist uses prayerful focus to restore harmony and balance to the client. the most popular form of lomi lomi combines long, flowing strokes and elbows or rapid and invigorating strokes to remove blockages and increase circulation.

Reflexology/Foot Massage

$49 Per Hour

chinese medicine believes points in the feet correspond to different organs in the body. Applying pressure to these points unblocks energy channels, restoring proper health and organ function. Client can combine this with a good old foot massage. firm pressure is used to rejuvenate tired feet, ankles and calves. add aromatherapy for an added kick to re-energize weary feet and legs.

Pregnancy Massage

from 12 weeks on

Tired, aching feet, and painful low back? expectant mothers deserve a rest! mother to be rests comfortably in a side-lying position while the therapist rubs away tension in upper shoulders, low back, hips and feet; increasing circulation and decreasing swelling.

Hot Stone Massage

$64 = 1 hour

$90 = 1 1/2 hours

Hot Stones